Georgia Solar Power Company understands the energy needs of homeowners.  We deliver solar projects that deliver the maximize energy impact to your house while we reduce the cost of energy for your budget!  We deliver customized projects that add value to your home and reduce your dependence on your electric utility company.

off grid residential solar pv systemsLet us show you how to create and store your own solar power to meet all of the energy needs of your cabin or remote vacation home. When we understand how and when you use electricity, we can design a system that produces energy (PV array and backup generators), stores solar energy (battery systems), and provides pure electricity (charge controllers and inverters) to meet all of your energy needs!

grid tied residential solar pv systemsMost homeowners want the reliability of electricity that comes from your electric utility plus the cost-savings and environmentally-friendly power that is generated from a solar array. We engineer residential solar PV solutions that maximize solar production and minimize your electric power bill!

attractive clean energySolar panels should add to the attractive value of your home. We work closely with you to design your solar power to give you a Green Power Story while making your home a showplace for beauty and energy efficiency!

energy independenceYes! It is possible to produce all of the energy on your home than your family needs. Georgia Solar Power Company will engineer a solar system that will allow you to produce enough power to get a credit on your power bill!